Ideas Equal Income Brand Ethos

We are fueled by faith, 
ignited by ingenuity, 
driven by our dreams, 
and persistent in our pursuits.  

Business Owner

Our Vision

IEI strives to impact hyperlocal economies by supporting small business growth and sustainability.

Our Mission

We help purpose driven people transform their ideas into income by leveraging our Four Pillar Blueprint for Small Business Success.

Our Idea-ology


Everything begins and ends with an idea  ideas are everything.

Elevator Door
Tab Wolod, CEO, Ideas Equal Income

IEI is the machine that powers ideas into income.


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Meet Our CEO

We all have our own definitions of what it means to be successful, but one thing remains true; bootstrapped business owners will always find a way to make it happen! Especially for die hard entrepreneurs like Tab Wolod, CEO of Ideas Equal Income, LLC (pictured left), helping individuals transform their ideas into income is what inspired our name, and continues to be the life-blood of our company.

...and to think, IEI started as an idea in 2016 when Tab began creating Wix websites for friends and colleagues. BTW, this site was created with Wix.

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Thanks to all of our valued clients!


"IEI has propelled my business to the next phase. I have been able to continuously implement the marketing lessons that you have shared with me during our sessions to help grow and further develop my business. I look forward to working with IEI in the future."