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As a new business owner, have you ever wondered...


How can I make more money?

The cost of doing business isn't cheap, especially when you are just starting out! Consider value-packing your offering or leveraging your current products or services to maximize profits.


Why isn't this working?

It's easy to question what you may be doing wrong when business isn't going well. A few tweaks or shift in direction may be all that's needed to gain the traction you are looking for. 


What should I do next?

Congrats, you've launched your business! Now what? It's time to level up by establishing a clear vision and a solid game plan to achieve your desired results.

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Yep...that's me!

Every new entrepreneur struggles with navigating the world of business ownership and finding the best path to their desired destination. We are here to are here to help guide you on your journey. Through expert advice, valuable insight, and our Four Pillar Blueprint for Small Business Success, you'll be able to identify the factors that may be stunting your business growth, and receive recommendations on how to drive your business forward. Everything starts with a click, book your Power Hour today.

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"IEI has propelled my business to the next phase. I have been able to continuously implement the marketing lessons that you have shared with me during our sessions to help grow and further develop my business. I look forward to working with IEI in the future."